I have been working as a scientist for 7 years now, moving from a pure wet lab job to a bioinformatic desk job. To me, science is not about being in the lab; it is about solving puzzles. I love the bits of sciences scattered in our every day life. In my head, science has always been a little fun and overly colourful, and I want to share that with other people! I was fortunate enough to win the I’m a Scientist competition in March 2015, and I said I would make a illustrative science blog if I won. So here is the blog!

I’ve worked as a computational scientist since finishing my degree in 2007, moving from particle physics to biology and finally to theoretical chemistry. So I’ve seen a little of everything! My approach to science has always been analytical, I love writing computer programs to uncover information hidden in data about the world around us. No matter how good a human scientist is, there’s always the chance they might miss something!

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