As a scientist, when I say “I look at the relationship between genes!”, people look at me with a blank face. You can actually think about it like Facebook friends/mutual friends!

The graph/picture above was made from Facebook data from the last 20 friends I interacted with. Each blob is a friend, and if there is a line between them, they share at least 1 friend. The thicker/redder the line is, the more mutual friends they share.

You can find out the number of mutual friends between any two users (that did not hide their profile info) using this web address (see bottom).

With my work, you would need to imagine each friend being a gene, and the lines between (number of mutual friends) being how similar two genes are. By changing the requirement for minimum number of mutual friends, we can create different groups of networks of friends.  So, instead of a network of “friends I met at xxx place”, it would be a network of “genes used for xxx process (such as making hair)”.

I used Miru to make the graphs.


Other information:

*You would need to replace the “(username1)” and “(username2)” in the web address below with the username of the people in question. (username2)



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