One of the perks of working in science is that occasionally you get to listen to really cool talks about dinosaurs!

Researchers have recently found data that reinforces the idea that several species of Tyrannosaur had feathers. It’s old news, but the idea that T. rex probably had feathers saddens me – a feathery T. rex just seems so much less scary as a scaly one.
Another recent report that I thought was interesting was that European hunter-gatherers had blue eyes and dark skin. Previously, it was thought that Europeans become fair soon after leaving Africa due to the need to synthesize vitamin D. However, it seems like the evolution of lighter skin colour might have evolved later than previously thought.
I guess genetic testing is almost like using a time machine to take a peek at the past. It would be nice if you could actually see it though!
Further reading
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A European hunter-gatherer…/jo…/v507/n7491/full/nature12960.html

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